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This is the cloud-based, web app version of Keyword Suggestion. You can access it by clicking the button below.

Please note: If you plan on starting an article selling service, it would be advised that you rewrite articles as much as possible as to adhere to Ezine Articles TOS.

Please note: You need to have Java installed first before running the app. Check your Java version by going here:

Please note: Due to high usage at peek times it might take between 30-60 seconds the first time you open the app for it to initialize. This happens the first time only. Please be patient and wait for it to load.

Please note: You will be prompted to agree to run the software. Make sure to accept

Access the web version here

How to open the web version

Step1: Make sure you have Java installed

Step2: Click the link above

Step3: Allow Java to run as described in the first picture

Step4: Click run as described in the second picture

Step5: Start enjoying Keyword Suggestion


NOTE: This entire process might take between 30-60 seconds, please be patient as it only happens the first time you open the app.

NOTE: If the app doesn't seem to start, try a different browser and make sure you 1. have Java installed and working properly and 2. Your browser is not blocking pop-ups

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Access The Desktop Version Of Keyword Suggestion PRO


If for any reason the web app is not working properly, the first thing to do is test and see if the desktop app is.
There is no difference in features between the two, so any of them working for you is good.

Windows users: please proceed to install the app just like any regular application, following the installer.

Mac users: unzip the archive and double-click the .jar file. Make sure you have Java installed.

Access the Windows version here

Access the Mac version here

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